Designing centers of excellence; creating high quality learning spaces. The environment matters.

Our expertise focuses on creating innovative school designs that improve student learning and fosters an environment where both students and teachers are calm, focused and purposeful.

When designing high quality-learning spaces, the following aspects of school design are key considerations:

  • Values: Central to the school’s design are the school’s values, mission and vision of the school.
  • Sustainability: Beyond lowering energy costs and using environmentally sustainable materials, explore ways to develop a responsible mindset within our learning community to minimize environmental damage.
  • Community Resource: Extend learning opportunities beyond the school day – serve the local community.  Investigate opportunities to open the school and connect to the local community by sharing school facilities, equipment and resources. Strengthen these connections by creating spaces within the school for local community meetings in order to promote a positive school image and foster relationships between students and their wider community.
  • Earth: Connect with nature; create learning spaces with direct access to gardens and the outdoors promoting well being
  • Exhibit:  Create novel display areas that allow students to take ownership of their learning, a key assessment of student learning. Use display areas to set high academic expectations by modelling high-quality work.
  • Flexibility: Include innovative learning spaces that adapt to the needs of learning outcomes.  Create flexible areas that allow for collaboration between students and teachers, large group work, small group work, pair work and individual quiet time. Consider the requirements for different platforms and diverse student populations.
  • Faculty: Incorporate inclusive spaces that promote collaborative planning, promote professional rigor, build professional and social relationships and encourage cross-discipline consolation and curriculum development.