About Us

REO works with government ministries, educational organizations and schools to develop schools from concept through to reality.

REO is an international award winning organization based in Hong Kong and committed to quality and excellence in academics. We have worked with schools in Australia,  Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore and the United States.

REO was formed to enable great national and independent schools to internationalize their programs, curriculum and expand their horizons and “footprint” in establishing an international campus and a global presence.

REO enables school communities to develop student programs, grow international audiences and allow their unique educational experience to be offered to students internationally. The company has won National and International Design Awards in South Korea, Singapore and Asia Pacific.

REO provides expertise in design, facility planning, establishment and management.

Through a service that is rigorous, transparent, inclusive and holistic, REO will guide quality orientated institutions and organizations toward academic excellence, developing world class facilities, an international presence and programs that empower their faculty and community to make a difference.

REO aspires to build a professional culture that promotes peace and freedom, values diversity, and incorporates sustainability into programs, student empowerment, teaching expertise and facility design.

Our Vision

To design, establish and manage learning institutions that contribute toward enriched intelligence, greater understanding and sustainable living.

Our Mission

Alumni for a better world

Who We Are

CONNIE KENNY                                          

 Connie is a highly accomplished educator with extensive experience in education globally. She has been both a leader and educator in numerous international schools including Germany, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and South Korea. Her areas of expertise include early childhood education, english language acquisition, curriculum, school establishment, faculty recruitment and school admissions and marketing.

Connie is also involved with teacher training in developing countries.  In Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka she has facilitated demonstration lessons, organized grants and submissions and supported local teachers with resources. Connie is the co–founder of Reach Education Organization (International) a charity devoted to teacher training in developing countries and is also a member of the UNESCO roster of consultants.

Prior to joining Branksome Hall Asia, Connie was the assistant principal at the prestigious German Swiss International School in Hong Kong. As an IB teacher trainer and consultant, she has designed and implemented training programs for teachers, parents and administrators.

Her work is noted for developing effective, enthusiastic teaching teams who are focused on improving student learning. Her focus on academic rigor and maintenance of the highest academic standards has helped her successfully launch the International Baccalaureate programs in many of the schools that she has been involved in.

Connie’s passion for quality education is based on inclusion, equality and social justice. As an educator Connie believes that we should encourage divergent thinking and creativity within our students. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Teaching, Cambridge University English language teaching qualification and she is currently completing her Masters of International and Community Development.

PETER KENNY                                                                                                                                                                         

After almost a decade in the Royal Australian Air Force as an aircraft engineer, Peter studied education majoring in both History and Music. Peter has completed a Diploma in Teaching, a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership.

In September 2009 Peter founded Reach Education Organization (REO), an organisation that specializes in school design, executive leadership services and international school establishment. In this role he has been working with Branksome Hall, Canada, as Director of Branksome Hall Asia. This entailed designing, coordinating and leading the establishment of Branksome Hall Asia on Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site in South Korea. The school won the 2012 National Architectural and Construction award and 2014 Asia pacific CEFPI First Prize for Educational Buildings.

Peter’s previous roles have included Director of Curriculum for Saint Ignatius College, Australia; Principal of Dresden International School, Germany; Regional Manager for the International Baccalaureate in Asia Pacific . In 2005 he was appointed  ‘Head of Projects’ for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) and has worked with organisations,such as UNESCO and World Vision, and schools, in leading service programs in the wake of the December 26th 2004 tsunami disaster. In 2006 Peter was appointed the founding Principal of Renaissance College, Hong Kong, better known as RCHK.

He is a former member of the World IB Head’s Council and is currently an AUSAID post conflict and crisis advisor and a UNESCO consultant roster member.