We are here to inspire and enable your school’s International future.

Welcome to the Reach Education Organization (REO) website.

  REO is Asia Pacific’s leading educational design, establishment and management organization.

We specialize in:

  • Innovative and intelligent school design and construction
  • Outstanding international school establishment
  • Providing expert advice and guidance to governments, schools and educational institutions
  • Senior leadership recruitment and placement
  • International school management and quality assurance

REO was formed to enable great national and independent schools to internationalize their learning environment and expand their “footprint” in establishing an international campus with a global presence.

REO will inspire and enable your school community to develop your student programs, grow your international audience and allow your unique educational experience to be offered to students worldwide.

We provide expert advice and evaluations that will improve your recruitment appeal, re-design your facility development plans, and internationalize your curriculum and strategic development.

To find out more please contact us on:

Phone: 852 60441991 or 852 56688509

Email: globalhr@reacheducation.org